About El Paso Bolt & Screw

El Paso Bolt & Screw Co., Inc is a prime supplier of standard and special products to widely varied industries, including: housing, heavy construction, railroads, steel mills & fabricators, farm equipment, utilities, and automobile workshops. Virtually every type of screw, bolt, nut, pin, stud, or other type of fastener has been supplied by El Paso Bolt & Screw Company to users in the Southwest area.

Years of experience has provided El Paso Bolt & Screw Company with a wealth of information concerning fastener types, applications, and systems. Technical advice is available at all times for the development of better ideas for fastening. The sales staff is trained and experienced in recommending the proper fastener application to fulfill the customers’ needs.

El Paso Bolt & Screw Company offers a wide assortment of standard products from a well-stocked inventory. These items are supplied packaged or in bulk. It is important that a supplier be interested not only in filling orders, but seeing that the customer obtains the best product at the best value. El Paso Bolt & Screw Company recognizes that order filling is not enough...that the best interests of its customers are served by constantly seeking ways to increase value through reduced costs, and a willingness to go the “extra mile” to see that each customer is properly served.

El Paso Bolt & Screw Co., Inc.

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Since 1958